About me

Hello everyone!

nkS-8Ls1_400x400My name is Breanna and I’m a teen girl from Hong Kong. I absolutely love reading because you can improve your writing skills as well as emerge yourself into all the different and lovely book worlds.

Before reading Harry Potter, I used to think that reading is a total waste of time and that there are a lot more things you can do other than read. But Harry Potter kick start my love for reading and – I know it sounds so cheesy but HP changed my life.

So why start a book blog, you ask?

Well, like I’ve said before I love reading. One thing that you don’t know about me is that I’m the only reader in my family. My family always prefer movies than books and whenever we go to see the book to movie adaptations they always end up saying that the movie is so good. They didn’t even know that the movie was based on the book.

I want to share my love for reading with readers all around the world, simply because I have close to nobody to discuss books with and that I love reading.

Be sure to look around on my blog and I really appreciate y’all if you comment so that we can be friends and discuss books together!

Created Pagesboundtogether on 4th August, 2016.