New country. New life.

Hello booklovers!

new country new life

So, I’ve been gone for 4 months and I felt that I should give you guys an apology, update you on what’s been happening and why I’ve been gone for so long.

Basically, I’ve moved to a new country– Australia to be specific. I arrived here in about 2 months ago and over the next 2 months I’m busy with unpacking and settling in. It’s very different here compared to Hong Kong. I never thought to ever move to another country and start a new life, but I guess change can be good.

My parents made the decision and it’s also kind of a last minute one. Because the term dates were different in Hong Kong and Australia, we were racing with time to enrol myself into a school. The education in Hong Kong was just too stressful and it just simply was too expensive living there (with school fees and housing) so we decided to move to Australia.

On a more positive note, I’m back! However I can’t guarantee that I’ll be posting as frequently as I first started this blog because I’m still settling in with school and currently going through some health procedures. Don’t worry it’s nothing too serious, just has to do with my short stature.


Also, I went to the library last week and it’s so amazing! I love how they have a large collection of YA books, FREE WIFI and loads of tables and comfy chairs. Yes, wifi is super important!


Again, I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting for 4 months. Please forgive me. Easter is right around the corner and I hope you would have a lovely Easter holiday!

Have you started Easter holiday yet? Do you have any plans for the holidays? Leave your thoughts below! I’d love to hear them. ❤

Happy reading! x



13 thoughts on “New country. New life.

    1. Hey Amber! Yeah it has been a huge culture shock moving here! Even the simple things like talking to people in another language and the lifestyle is really different! 🙂 Omg yes the bugs here are GIGANTIC.


  1. Hi Breanna! Thanks for discovering my blog 🙂 Wow that’s so exciting but overwhelming to have just moved to Australia! I’m from Sydney and also know a bit about the book/writing communities in Melbourne and Brisbane, happy to share what i know of bookish events here, and recommendations for Australian bloggers and readers to follow, if you’re interested!


  2. Hi there Breanna! I’m going through the same thing right now! I moved from Venezuela to Spain and had to find a home and a job, settle in and figure out how everything works here. It takes time, but it’s a great adventure. I wish you all the best! And YES, libraries are a dream come true haha.


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